Considering himself as a cause, Sergio Lairisa comes from a metalinguistic event with a critical and political gaze.

His methodology is based on research and concepts, his creative practice on molding and experimenting with visual languages. Focusing on diverse fields such as creative direction, visual identities, printed matter, and digital. Clients range from independent artists, curators, institutions, and brands.


ADG Laus 2020 Silver
Final Degree Project: Distinction with Honours
GaudeamusProjecta 2021
ADG Laus 2021 Young Talent

Public interactions

TypeThursday Barcelona 2019 TypeCrit
TypeThursday Barcelona 2022
ExtraboldFest 2021
EXP.21 - Experimental Books & Magazines
EXP.22 - Photobooks


Yorokobu: 'Al pie de la letra'
BAU News: 'El que no pot aturar una pandèmia'
FAD: Assemblea de Socis i Sòcies 2022

Visual applications

Can Felipa Arts Visuals 2020


FAD: 'The Best Design of the Year', Barcelona ES, 2021
Graphic Matters, Breda NL, 2021
Verges, Barcelona ES, 2022


ADG Laus 2022

Teaching and workshops

EXP.22 - (Non) Lineal Visual Narratives

Elisava - Master Beyond Branding