Considering himself as a cause, Sergio Lairisa comes from a graphic metalinguistic event in the analogue and digital world that he investigates and explores with a political gaze.

Over time he has learned how to transform language into objects, conceiving typography as the voice of words and the editorial piece as a project medium and outreach of knowledge. His practice is linked to his research using design as a critical-conceptual-formal-expression tool rich in visual codes.


ADG Laus 2020 Silver
Final Degree Project: Distinction with Honours
GaudeamusProjecta 2021
ADG Laus 2021 Young Talent

Public interactions

TypeThursday Barcelona 2019 TypeCrit
TypeThursday Barcelona 2022
ExtraboldFest 2021
EXP.21 - Experimental Books & Magazines


Yorokobu: 'Al pie de la letra'
BAU News: 'El que no pot aturar una pandèmia'
FAD: Assemblea de Socis i Sòcies 2022


Can Felipa Arts Visuals 2020


FAD: 'The Best Design of the Year', Barcelona ES, 2021
Graphic Matters, Breda NL, 2021
Verges, Barcelona ES, 2022


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